On a Mission to End "Toxic Sameness"

"Terrific!" - Larry Wilde
"America's Best-Selling Humorist"
(New York Times)

"This guy oozes likeability!"
- Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

Lenny Dave presents FUN, informative and motivationally entertaining programs for a variety of audiences across North America. Whether discussing Healthy Humor, College Parenting, or Creative Leadership, Lenny's mission is simple: To end "toxic sameness" and make a positive difference in people's lives!

Are you "Creatively Challenged" and "Idea Impaired?" Or worse - are you "Humor Deprived" and "Laughter Deficient?" Maybe you're anxious about your son or daughter's upcoming transition to college! If so, Lenny's got your tonic!